How to Solve Differential Equation with Example

How to Solve Differential Equation with Example

Differential Equation

– are equation that contain differential coefficients.


 Differential Equation Example 1

– classified according to the highest derivative that occurs in Them the differential equation dy/dx = 12x is a first order differential equation d^2y/dx^2 + 4dy/dx – 3y = 0 is a second order differential equation. A solution to a differential equation that contains one or more arbitrary constant of integration is called general solution. When additional information is Given so that these constants may be calculated the particular solution of differential equation is obtained.

Variable Separable

A differential equations can be of type dy/dx = f(x)solved by direct integration by writing it in the form dy = f(x) dx


Solve the differential equation dy/dx = 2x + Sin 3x

Solution: dy = (2x + Sin 3x) dx

y = x2 – 1/3 Cos 3x + c  general solution

Differential equation of type dy/dx = f(y) can be solved by direct integrating by writing it in the form.

dx = dy/f(x)


Solve the equation (y^2 – 1) dy/dx = 3y Given that y = 1 when x = 13/6

Differential Equation Example 2

Differential Equation of type

dy/dx = f(x)  g(y) can be solve by Direct Integration by writing it in the form dy/g(y) = f(x)dx

Differential Equation of type dq/dt = KQ the general solution of an equation of the form dq/dt = KQ is Q = Ce^kt . where C is constant


solve the equation dy/dx = 3y

here we have  Q = y   dQ = dy                     then

t = x       k = 3                          y = Ce^3x


Obtain the differential equation of the family of straight lines with slope and y intercept equal


The standard equation of the line in slope – intercept form is y = mx + b.

Since the slope and y intercept are equal m = b = c then y = cx + c

isolating constant and differentiate

Differential Equation Example 3

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