Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics is the science which considers the effects of forces on rigid bodies. The subject is divided into two parts.

  1. Statics – the effects and distribution of force on rigid bodies which are and remain at rest.
  2. Dynamics – consider the motion of rigid bodies caused by the forces acting upon them.

Engineering Mechanics
Force System – a force system

– is any arrangement where two or more forces act on a body or on a group of related bodies

Resultant of two concurrent coplanar forces

Engineering Mechanics

Resultant of two or more Concurrent coplanar

Engineering Mechanics

Resultant of Concurrent Forces in Space

Engineering Mechanics

Given the three concurrent forces which through (1, -3, 4) and the indicated points
F1 = 150N (5, -6, 2)
F2 = 340N (4, 0, -3)
F3 = 280N (-1, 2, 6)

Determine the magnitude of resultant force.

Solution: Resolution of Forces

Engineering Mechanics

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