Funny iPhone Tricks

IPhone tricks and tips are some of the funniest entertainment options that the Apple producers have been offering to their iPhone product fans. Not only are they amusing and fun but they are also very interesting if we regard them from the technical point of view. The Apple producers thought of an innovative manner of showing users that there are more things that can be done with an iPhone than just the smart phone functions.

IPhone tricks go beyond the classic iPhone features like the touch screen functions of browsing through artists and songs or pictures. These are the classical and basic functions that iPhones offer so these need not be considered when speaking of iPhone special tricks and gimmicks. However, the special ones, if we can call them that, are also related to the unique functions of the touch screen display that the iPhone offers. For example, the popcorn trick creates the unique effect of realistic popcorn popped in the screen of the iPhone. This is one of the main attractions of iPhones, speaking of tricks, and it also goes hand in glove with another special trick, which is the beer glass effect gimmick. The latter one gives the impression that the iPhone screen acts like a beer glass and the illusion of beer is so realistic especially if the iPhone is directed one way or another, so as to make the liquid seem pouring.

The best about the beer trick is the fact that once you pour the beer out of the phone, metaphorically spoeaking, the iPhone apparent glass remains empty and you can still see some of those beer bubbles on the edges of the so-called glass that the screen represents. These tricks have been delighting many iPhone users and actually represent the reasons for which many people choose to buy their own iPhones, out of curiosity.

Besides the two tricks mentioned above, the iPhone offers another one trick to entertain you, which is in fact a sort of masterpiece of illusion. This is the x ray trick. The x ray trick is considered as the most special as it includes involving your hand in the trick. It is very simple to do this trick by just placing your hand in the ray of the iPhone’s camera. You will then see your hand’s bones as if you were exposed to an x ray effect. The originality of this trick, along with the others offered by this magnificent smart phone will delight more and more iPhone users as they discover it for themselves.

Get Beer and Popcorn on your iPhone

IPhones offer a varied rage of tricks, thanks to the high fidelity technology they provide to their users. Many of these tricks have taken over internet ratings for several months, since they were discovered and represent really funny optical illusions that you can create with your iPhone. However, here you can find the most popular of them.

Technically speaking, these iPhone tricks are offered in a pre-installed form, especially if you choose to download them from specialized iPhone application websites. This means they get self installed.


One of these is the funny beer iPhone trick. This is in fact one of the funniest iPhone tricks as it actually gives you the impression that your iPhone can be used as beer jug, for pouring drink from. If you want to amuse your friends with this trick the only thing you need to do is find the beer application for downloading from the internet. This is really easy to find, as most of the iPhone application websites offer it for their users. Once you found it just press the download button and get it for your own iPhone. It is fast, easy and it installs itself in no time, as phone application websites offer technically friendly programs for these types of phones.

This is also called IPhone Magic and it offers you a great range of tips and tricks for using your iPhone in a rather funny way. However, coming back to the beer trick, this really convinces your viewers that your iPhone is a multi dimensional entertainment tool. No matter what side you turn it to, beer pours in a natural way as it represents realism itself.


This is very similar with the popcorn trick we will mention, as we’re still in the food/beverage field. The popcorn trick resembles the beer fun in the respect of realism. It actually gives the impression that your iPhone is popping some popcorn right in front of you. The initial image is that of pure corn beans that soon turn into freshly popped popcorns. There are many fans of this trick, especially as it still represents one that you can amaze your friends with at any time.

All of these applications and many more are available in the numerous iPhone application sources and websites that also offer tutorials and teach you how to use them to obtain the optimal effect of the optical illusions they offer.


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