Paralanguage is a component of non-verbal communication that refers to those extra-linguistic elements  such as voice quality, pitch, volume, and rate of speech that exist alongside the formal language structure.

  • Voice quality is the sound of voice.
  • Pitch is the highness or loudness of voice.
  • Volume is the loudness or softness of voice
  • Rate is how fast or slowly a person talks

Oculesics is the study of how eyes and eye movement can communicate.

Proxemics is the study of how people use space or distance for purposes of communication.

Haptics touching behavior is another form of Nonverbal symbol that may express a tremendous range of feelings.

Chronemics the study of time in communication is learned  chronemics

Non verbal Communication – Benefits derived from Bodily action & Gestures.

1. They help breakdown stage fright

2. They are an outlet for nervous Energy

3. They are penetrate enthusiasm in the speaker

4. They Stimulate rapidity of thinking and fluency of utterance.

5. They reveal the personality of the Speaker.

6. They keep in the understanding the message.

Three types of gestures

1. Emphatic

2. Descriptive

3. Suggestive

Hand Gestures

1. Hand Supine – palm – upward.

– to show approval plan or request .

2. Hand adverse – palm outward, away from the body to show stronger feeling dissire and suppressed complete rejection.

3. Hand Index – First finger extended as of pouting to show or Point out an idea fasty a place or a person

4. Clended fist – to express great earnestaces or intensity of feeling.