Objectives of Network Analysis

Objectives of Network Analysis

  • 1. To analyze a network or system to see what is required of the device.
  • 2. To established confidence in its chances for success to answer the always nagging question, “will the actual network perform as required?”.
  • 3. To open up the idea for changing a component of an operating network to make it more reliable, cheaper to manufacture, or more efficient.

Electric Network – defined as a collection of lumped electric components that are selected and interconnected to produce a desired response.

Electric Network  Рconnection points in the components.

  • We can characterize any two-terminal component symbolically with a box and two lines drawn from the box to terminate on dots.

Symbolic representations of a two-terminal component.

Objectives of Network Analysis

What is important is that two terminals are symbolized, and that there should be an unambiguous  correspondence between the terminals and the corresponding connection points of the components so represented.

Physical networks are made up of physical objects and are therefore of major interest to engineers. The analysis of a physical network is based on a mathematical model of the network. This mathematical model must take into account the characteristics of the network components and their interconnection patter. If an analysis is to be successful, it must produce numbers characterizing the network response that correspond, within a given tolerance, to numbers obtained form the physical network analyzed with appropriate measuring devices.